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Moto Jacket Women

Moto Jacket is a style staple that has been in trend for more than decades and is being in use for both safety and fashion convenience. In the same category, there are unlimited designs, and each made from different leather hide. Here are four types of material used for leather. No one is better than the other as each come with their own pros and cons.

There are four types of material used for moto jackets.

Cowhide - Heavy biker jackets are mostly made of cowhides due to their durability levels. Bikers are always on the road and thus, need extra protection from wind, sunlight and road dust. The only downside is that it require some time to break in.

Sheepskin - It is a great insulator for the winter cold. Jacket featuring sheepskin will keep you warm, even in chilly weather. Jackets make of sheepskin tend to be supple and look luxurious.

Goatskin - Another material preferred for leather jackets due to its high and robust resistance abrasion properties, it has the properties of both cowhide and sheep shin combined as it's supple as well as highly durable.

If you're opting for tough, and durable women motorcycle jackets then explore our collection that includes robust design functional outerwear for ladies. Best go-to attires to prevent wind particles while on the road. Enjoy maximum performance and style!


Is motorcycle jacket also trending in women?

A motorcycle jacket looks pretty chic on women and is a great way to add an edge to your style, wear it with floral dresses for spring or with your favorite blouse for fall. It is an all-season outfit and a staple for a reason.

Is Lambskin a good choice?

Lambskin is a highly supple kind of leather and has a buttery feel. Require little to no time to breaking in, so you can enjoy the soft and luxurious style of your jacket straight out of the package, therefore, making it a premium clothing choice.

How to style?

Pair it with your favorite jeans and shirt for a casual look or elevate your favorite dress for an edgy weekend look, you can also casual down your look by wearing a hooded moto jacket or get winter ready with a shearling biker jacket.

How much does womens black moto jacket cost?

The minimum price for real leather is $149-189. It can be less or more depending on the material used to construct the jacket. A cowhide is more expensive due to it heavy thick outer layering. A lambskin is a affordable deal for you, it would cost you less and features superb detailing that won't tear for many years.

Are womens leather motorcycle jacket warm?

Almost all leather outer are warm but if you want extra insulation, try shearling leather jacket in moto styles. Or modify your current style by wearing leather jacket with hoodie inside to show off your street fashion. Some biker jackets feature hood inside like our Womens Black Leather Jacket with Hood.

Is motorcycle and biker jacket same?

In some situation, they are both same while there is a slight difference in variations like Cafe Racer, Moto etc. A biker is also called a motorcycle jacket which has asymmetrical collar, a cafe racer is sleek, fitted and has straight front zipper. They both comes in different leather jackets such as cowhide, lambskin, sheepskin, goatskin etc. Specifically made for bikers but casual travelers can also rock a moto jacket.

Can I wear a leather jacket in 40 degree weather?

Certainly, a lambskin leather can be worn all year round due to it's soft leather. Cowhide heavily constructed and should only be considered for fall and winter conditions. Try your lambskin biker with casual clothes which are summer friendly because a heavy clothes with leather may not fit very well in the hot weather.

How do you wear a leather jacket without looking like a biker?

A biker usually wears heavy boots, gloves, and ripped jeans. It is better to avoid these types of clothes and consider casual wear. Regular clothes with your moto jacket won't put a biker label on your back. Also, try anything formal with the jacket to hide your biker background or just simply don't wear gloves, big boots or biker related stuff.

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