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60s mens fashion

How to dress like the 1960s? | 60’s Mens Fashion


Ever thought of searching for 60’s fashion before? No right? But trust me it’s always very interesting to know about what people used to wear earlier. The 1960s was the era that had so much focus on fashion. No matter how many years have passed since the 1960s, their effects are still felt today. The 1960s fashion for men actually referred to the increase in colors and more patterns. Fashion from the 1960s continues to influence gents' fashion today. From the sensational mod look to the unforgettable bohemian style, '60s fashion was both bold and unique.

10 of the most vintage and stylish outfit ideas from 60’s men’s fashion:

  • 60’s Suit Look
  • Weekend Vibes
  • Casual Wear
  • Vacationing
  • Teens Look
  • Racer Moto Look
  • Surfer Men
  • Hippie Movement
  • The Beatnik Fashion
  • 60’s Prom Look

60’s Suit Look


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For the 60’s suit look, men used to wear a proper suit in dull or muted colors such as grey, blue, brown, etc. In the ’60s, men used to wear a suit that was not too skinny. For completing the outfit men used to wear a plain white shirt with a plain skinny tie. For making the look more classy they added cufflinks too. If they desired a little fancy look they used to add a tie clip to the tie. And then last but not least, here comes their wool trench coat to wrap up this outfit look.

Weekend Vibes


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Is it the weekend yet? Everyone is always excited about the weekend but Did you know how men used to dress up on their weekends in the earlier ’60s? No right? For the weekend outfit look, they used to replace their suits and tuxedos with cardigan sweaters. Even on the weekend, they used to create semi-formal attire by not wearing ties. They used to add a polo shirt instead of a dress shirt. For bottoms, they wore trousers of solid color with slip-on loafer shoes.

Casual Wear


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Want to know a fashion fun fact from the 60s? Here you go! Bright colors were ruling all over the 60s such as green, orange, pink, yellow, blue, red, etc. Colors have been the best part in the earlier 60s related to fashion. Their casual wear included all the knitted shirts, t-shirts, and polo shirts. For bottoms, these shirts were paired up with slim-fit trousers. For finishing off the casual look they used to wear matching socks with loafers and a belt. The loafers could also be replaced with any type of Oxford shoes to have an overall neat look. You can also read: 1950s Women’s Fashion



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Can you imagine men having a specific style of dressing for vacation in the 1960s? I couldn’t imagine before but now I can, surely. Men in the ’60s were so fashionable. They had a particular attire which included a solid button-down shirt or short sleeve plaid pattern shirt. For bottoms, they had high waist long-length shorts. This 60’s outfit idea included tall sport socks and loafer shoes. For accessorizing they only had woven belts.

Teens Look


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Are you a teenager? Or are you looking for your teenager? You both can surely relate. Fashion for teenagers in the 60s was not so different from their dad’s fashion. They used to wear button-down striped or plaid shirts or polo shirts. For bottoms, they used to select neutral pants with white socks and a pair of loafers for school or college. While on the weekend they used to select the casual dressing which included jeans with a button-down shirt or a Black Tape short Neck T-shirt. Also check, "70s Women Outfit Ideas"

Racer Moto Look


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The name has a description itself that what the look is about. Yes, you guess right. It is about a racer look. The 60s era has been popular for fashion. The off-racer look included corduroy pants, suede leather gloves, turtleneck shirts, moto boots, and suede leather jackets. While the on-racer look included a cafe racer leather jacket which is a must for this look. To finish off the on-racer look they used to wear zip-up jackets or fleece jackets and even mechanic shirts to wear.

Surfer Men


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Did you know surfing was so popular back then in the 60s? Yes yes, it was very popular. Men in this era had a proper surfer look for it. This outfit style included beachy vibes by wearing shorts or mid-thigh trunks. This look also included bell-bottoms, cabana sets, etc. Men used to enjoy surfing a lot in the 60s as it was very popular back then.

Hippie Movement


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The Hippie movement, Sounds interesting. Trust me it just not only sounds interesting but the look is all over interesting too. Men were so fashionable and stylish back then in the 60s which was incredible. The hippie movement was all about fun, colors, experiments, and a lot more. This look from the 60s included flared pants which could be of floral prints or it could be denim flared pants too. For shirts, the men used to wear paisley shirts with suede vests. For wrapping up the look they also had fringe jackets, headbands, printed scarves, etc to create a fun look.

The Beatnik Movement


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The beatnik movement came into being from a popular youth subculture. It was attractive for those who were poetic, artists, musicians, and writers. The beatnik movement was the most simple yet classy one in the 1960s fashion for men. The look was very simple and easy to achieve. The look included a striped sweater or a turtleneck paired with a pair of narrow pants. To finish off the look they used to wear black shoes and sunglasses. A beret hat was optional if they wanted to give an extra touch to the look.

60’s Prom Look


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It was a hype back then in the 60s related to prom. For all the men it was a chance to get ready without their all-black tuxedos. The 60s prom look included a white shawl collar jacket with a pair of black pants, a black decent bow tie, and a white pleated tuxedo shirt. Colors like bright blue and bright grey were equally retro in the early 60s. They used to dress in either one full color or used to pair it up with black pants. Also check, “Winter Wool Coats For Men


We showed you how to nail the look by choosing the perfect decade-appropriate style. In the 1960s, there were several major styles that each celebrated a particular subculture. Each of these main styles was unique, so certain types of gents preferred one over another. As a result, selecting a style was often a matter of personality and taste. Every look embraced the freedom and creativity associated with the era, yet they were all unique. If you're dressing up for a 60's themed party, it's best to pick a theme before you get started. Also check, "80s Fashion Trends" for more outfit ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What did guys wear in the 60's?

In the early 60s guys wore slim fit pants or trousers, a Polo shirt, or a button-down shirt. And for outerwear, they had a patterned sport coat.

What fashion was popular in the 60s?

Among the clothes worn by men and women were frayed bell-bottom jeans, tie-dyed shirts, work shirts, Jesus sandals, and headbands.

What did hippies wear in the 60s men?

Hippie clothing for men includes ethnic shirts, military surplus jackets, tie-dye, fringe undershirts, straight legs or flared jeans, workwear, psychedelic prints, flower headbands, round sunglasses, bead necklaces, sandals, or suede boots.

The culture in the 1960s included the Hippie movement, Beatniks, Surf culture, Racing clothes, and the Motown style.

From tailored suits with narrow lapels to vibrant paisley shirts and bold patterns, this era embraced self-expression. Accessories included wide-brimmed hats and statement sunglasses for that iconic retro look.

Why did fashion change in the 60s?

The 1960s fashion for men actually refers to the increase in colors and patterns.

What colors were popular in the 60s?

60s fashion was basically all about bright colors such as yellow, gold, green, and orange.

What did men wear in 1969?

The men used to wear striped and plaided blazers with bright-colored turtlenecks such as red, yellow, orange, etc.

What was the clothing style of young men in the 1960s?

The denim jeans and corduroy slacks were the popular clothing style of young men in the 1960s.