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Customers Loves Us

When you plan to do business of selling and buying type customers are the people who boost your sales. Here are some reviews from our happy customer in which they share their experiences about the comfortableness of the outfits, stylishness or anything related to it.

Red Shine On Chest

Hey there!! Thanks for this wonderful jacket that I wanna discuss about it over here. I recently heard about this character from my friends, and when I Google it I realized that this character is going to be the best batman of all times. And after hearing this much about him, how can I stop myself from having this Leather Jacket of Batman Beyond in my wardrobe. Of course, I found this jacket great, comfortable in wearing, the problem that I face the most in real leather jacket but not in this one because it’s light in weight & most important the symbol of Batman at Chest in red made me buy this attire.


Didn't Imagined This Thing

Played the whole series of it and got the best fun ever. But I didn’t know that your company is making jackets of it. If I knew about this before I will buy this before but nothing changed, I can still buy this, but there is something change in this outfit. As soon as I knew about this jacket, I started Google it for other places from where I can get this. But I found the style and other features different from your jacket. You are giving it to best design just like Assassins Creed Unity Arno wore in the game, and the contrast of brown and black is terribly awesome in looking.I found here what I required… Thanks for this…


My Passion

Since I was 15 years old, David Beckham is my favorite footballer in this universe, and he’s still the best for me. I still watch his old matches and some of his best goals that he made in his game life. Now I’m 26 years old and as he’s my idol I love to adopt his style and to be like him, tried a lot but didn’t get that attitude and look in my life. Until I found his jacket of that actually helped me to be like him. Whenever I wear it, I feel like Beckham. I appreciate your work for real.


Well We All Know Something

Well, we all know something that leather jackets are always heavy in weight and same I found in this one. I don’t have looks like Jason Statham, and the jacket didn’t suit me like that. Although I just bought this outfit by watch the movie and the action, especially the knife throwing part of The Expendables 2 Jason Statham that inspired me to buy this outfit. Except my body look, everything is totally fine, and I found the exact jacket as promised to me. I use to wear it sometimes but not always. Now I will make myself fit for this attire first, and then I will wear it. By the way, Thanks for the precious service.

Make Me Freaking Crazy

Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger is my idol because of his Body that is famous to all. After watching him, I started going gym on the regular basis but didn’t get the size of my bicep as he has. I have watched his every movie twice and loved his style, action and acting that he has done in films. Truly he’s a legend and the best to adopt his style in my life. Soon I watched this whole series, I found this biker’s jacket the best in all of them and then I came here and bought it. This terminator jacket perfectly fit with the attitude of my bike and is truly an amazing thing that I have ever experienced in my life. Thanks buddy for this precious piece that I have in my wardrobe.

Got The Theme

Hey, what’s up!! I’m here to thank you for making this attire and giving me the best idea that have ever come into my mind. My little bro, who is 5 years younger than me, & me are birthday twins and as he’s still teenager, this year it will be his 15th birthday, so I planned to give him a surprise. He loves to watch this cartoon, and soon I found this jacket on your website, and that’s where It clicked in my mind to make this color the theme of the party and buy this jacket for both of us. So I ordered it as soon as possible, and I got it on time, it fit me well but don’t know about my brother as it is a surprise for him. I hope the size will be ok for him and surely this party is going to be rocking. Thanks Fjackets for providing me this Ben 10 jacket.

They Forgot My Order

I have a complaint to make. I have ordered this outfit first time on your site, and they said to wait for some time and it will be at my doorsteps in few days, I paid the amount and filled the form correctly. I waited and waited for 15 days and then I got anger. I messaged to customer care and told them about this give them the details, and they said that they haven’t got this order. I shouted at them, and then they finally got the details about my order. They said that the delivery was delayed because of the weather and it will come at my home in two days and this time have thing happens perfectly. I got it in two days with all things that they have promised me. But I won’t forget the disappointment I got in the first time.  Anyways, thanks for Aaron Taylor Godzilla wardrobe.

Not For Me For My Dad

I have bought this outfit, not for me, but it’s for my daddy. He has seen the old fashion style and also enjoyed it in his time like wearing vest like this one. So think about that time, I figure out to give him a gift just random nothing special in it. It's the great outfit, and he can use it for any season as well. Not too much know about the series by which this hell on wheels vest is inspired but after watching my daddy wearing it, I can say that no matter who wears it, how big star he is. He can’t match the standard of my daddy’s style while wearing this warriors vest

70’s Fashion my Choice

Everyone has its own taste in fashion so do I. I am a diehard fan of 7-‘s fashion, and I’m always after it. Soon I heard that you provide the best collection of celebrity fashion I came here, and I was shocked to see this much jackets. I was confused what to choose so I took my time, but I found nothing, I was totally confused to choose. Then I contact with the service center to guide me, and they showed me some of the best trends of the 70's. I admired this Le Mans steve mcqueen jacket and soon as I get my packet my life changed. I use to wear it every day while riding bike or as casual also. In short, this jacket is now my statement of style. Thanks fjackets for making it available here. I’m truly a big fan of yours now on.

Haven't Seen Such Coat In My Life

I have experienced lots of coats in my fashion life, but this attire of Django is totally new for me. The green color is not common in coats, and it provides a great attraction to me. And the front buttons, which are given in this coat, are the thing that not even comes in my mind ever. It's awesome and makes me crazy to buy it and yup I did. I bought this outfit and when it reaches me one day late from the date of delivery the first this, which I wanna see, was these buttons that are in it. Gorgeous looking and truly admired for me. With this attire now I get more compliment than before. You are doing a fantastic work and wish you best of luck for the future.

Admirable But Got Disappointed First Time

I watch WWE shows on the regular basis, and I won’t miss a single scene of it. I have also attended once this show, luckily I got the pass, and the guy that inspired me a lot was now other than Y2J. He’s a charming personality and when he enters crowd gets rocked. After that show, my friend told me that you guys are offering the jacket of Chris Jericho Y2J, so I got excited and ordered one for me. It reaches to me on time as promised but…. Something went wrong. I opened it and found that some of the shiny beats were missing, and I got disappointed. Then I found that missing beats in the box in which it came to me. I complained and got a great response from them. They replaced me the jacket with a new one and this time I got satisfy. When I showed it to my friends they were also like wow Y2J, and I just can’t express my feelings of that time. Thanks for responding me and letting me enjoy a great service.

Special In Comfort

You won’t find its quality unless you wear it. When I saw the pictures on your website, I found nothing special in its look; distress shade is old now, leather, front style. Everything I have seen earlier but only front button style I found new some part but not unique to buy it. Still my mom insists me to buy it so I ordered it and when I got the packet that was one day earlier than the delivery date and when I gave it my first try. It was so unique and comfortable in wearing, and it was light in weight that I never expected from a leather jacket to be. In short, my mom’s choice is awesome, and this da vinci demons attire is now my passion for wearing.

Found This For Valentine Day

Since the Valentine Day is coming soon, and surely I will have a date, so I have got the dress and this time, I will wear yellow. But then I thought that there will be cold out there so I figure out to buy a jacket that matches my dress and have a semi-casual look as well. I searched lots of websites and I got lots of yellow jackets but nothing inspired me. Then I got the address of your site, and I was offended to see that there are people in this world who buy celebrity fashion. Even before that I never knew about this fashion style. Here I found this TMNT Megan Fox attire that truly admired me just because of its appearance in movie and voila!! It’s here. Now I’m just waiting for the valentine day. I ordered it earlier just because if there will be any confusion, so I have the time to fix it. And I got satisfaction in my first attempt fully.

Nobody Recognize That Its Akira’s Jacket

I have heard lots about celebrity fashion and also have visited before to your shop for a fashion statement. But that time I found nothing and this time I found the jacket of my favorite character Akira. I have recently watched the movie and loved the cartoon character in it, so I thought to buy this. As I was thinking that my gathering will recognize it that I’m wearing Akira’s jacket but nothing happen like that. I got compliments while wearing this attire but didn’t get that I'm wearing Akira kaneda jacket, so I got a little bit of disappointed. Otherwise, the jacket is perfect, and I love the buttons in front of this attire. Only now I need is a bike like he ride. Lol!!

Finally!! Got Something Unique

I have seen lots of people going mad about leather jackets but what I got in my past is nothing. All that same design and format bored with them. But I never dreamed that there is something Celebrity fashion in this world. I thought that the costumes, which celebrities wear in the movie, have boundaries and won’t be made available to common people ever. Before I came to your website, I was making my mind what to buy, and lots of things were revolving around my mind. But as a teenager I loved to have the powers of superheroes, so I made my mind to buy Superhero apparel. When I searched for it on your site, I found unlimited jackets to choose from, then I got attracted towards this outfit and I was convinced of it. So I made my order for it, I got a great response from everything, everything goes in the right direction, and that is what I required. My Dad was shocked to see this attire in my wardrobe and was happy to see me wearing it and acting like Spiderman. Also, I had a great winter with this jacket, thanks for an outfit like this. I am Glad to have a jacket like this Amazing Spider jacket.

Just For Usual Wearing

I am not a big follower of leather apparels or of celebrities. I decided to have this LAD Jack Bauer outfit just for usual wear and that what I got. I wished to have a smooth comfort wear, and that’s what this attire gave me. Instead of this, I this outfit also made me watch the TV series and to watch this jacket in the show. I found the great work that you have done and enjoyed a lot making deal with you guys. The best part, which I got special in your delivery procedure, is the free shipping policy of yours. I’m satisfied with you, and I will definitely see you again next year.

Accidently Ordered & Got Best Result

There was a party at my friend’s house, and surely girls will be coming there, so I decided to wear my best jacket, but something wrong happen. I open my cupboard to take out the jacket, but it wasn’t there. I was shocked to see that where did it go. I asked my mom about my jacket, so a replied I got that made me crazy, and the reply was that the jacket was gone for laundry. Now I have nothing to wear on that day so I figure out to order online but I forgot that this will take some time to come. I ordered this apparel from your site because it looks great and being American I would love to wear it. I made my order, paid for it and then I said what I had done. How will I get it in just half day, I was so confused. Then I decided to go without Jacket, and it was also nice. On the date of shipment, I got my parcel, and just as I opened it and wore it, and I was feeling like the luckiest person in the world. This Captain America Easy Rider apparel was awesome in look and wearing. Comfortable, detailing were outstanding and the shine… I just don’t have words to express my feelings here. Keep Working like this dude! Will be looking forward to experiences more accidents like this. Haha!!

Make Me Happy Every Time

I’m not a big fan of fashion style or anything like this. I just love to have a sober style statement in my routine life and for that I have searched your products here. Lots of fancy products you have introduced here and I found some sober jackets as well. But I finalize my choice after watching this Happy Day Fonzie jacket that is wonderful and unique in look, sober in style and most important is from 80’s fashion. So I didn’t think too much before buying this and just made my order. And my decision was right, and I found a great jacket to show my style on high.

Just For Usual Outing

Hey There!! I want to share my reason to buy this outfit here and to get a great response from you. I have seen my friends wearing jacket each time we go for outing, but I don’t use to wear it. Soon I got motivated from my buddies, and they insist me to buy leather apparel and also gave me the address of your site so I came here and figured out some jackets that can match my persona standard. I had a look at this apparel, and I got remember the time when I play Prototype on Alex Mercer in game, so I just ordered it. And guess what, I made the correct choice, and everything went in the right direction. If fitted me well, the color I liked, design is same as in the game and great shipping service. I don’t have to wait for so much time, and it reaches to me earlier. Also, I got the best deal as compared to other sites. Also, I now wear it every time I go for outing with my friends.

To Have A Sexy Look

Not lying over here but it’s true that I’m smart, I have figured that the girl would go crazy about and a celebrity style face cut. I have lots of attires, jackets and other fashion stuffs that I can wear, but I believe that I require a shine of celebrity on my persona. So I decided to have something that can do this for me and for that I came here to buy a jacket. I found lots of jacket like David Beckham who is the best footballer among all for me, Arnold Schwarzenegger jacket and I liked it a lot because of his passion to bodybuilding but I searched more and finally I made my mind for this Awkward Moment Zac Efron jacket. I bought this because he’s one of the sexiest person nowadays and lots of chicks like his style. So now I’m also ready to have the same popularity with this outfit. Hope I will be in the heart of every single girl out there. Just Kidding!! I liked this outfit a lot and yeah thanks for this.

Confusion In Picture But Great In reality

I’m always after 100% surety and after getting that, I make my decision. While ordering this outfit, first time in my life I took the risk. I was confused to look at the picture that shows the back of this outfit. I noticed on the neck side, and it looks so tight to me. But still I ordered it, thinking that it won’t happen to me. I also make a contact with the customer care service, and they replied me just in seconds and said that it’s ok, and it won’t look like this on me. As I got my Resident Evil jacket I, wore it, and there was no problem like I saw in the picture. It was just according to my size and very comfortable for me. I liked your service, and I trust you now on.

Right Choice For Holidays

Every year during holidays, I buy stuff like jeans, t-shirts, and jackets sometimes as well for a change in look. This year I did the same, bought jeans collection, T-shirts and much more. But when it comes to the jacket I didn’t want to have same that cotton uppers this time. I want to change my taste this year, so I searched for leather apparels the best site in Google. The result shows me that your site is the best for shopping, so I came and was shocked to see the collection. With suggestions of my brother, mom and daddy I made my mind buy this Mass Effect outfit. And this made my holidays rocking this year. Thanks for this outfit.


Tom Cruise My Idol

Everyone has its own idol that he loved the most and try to copy the style so do I. I’m a big follower of Mission Impossible 4 Tom Cruise since I was small, and I have copied his every style in my life. I have watched the whole series of mission impossible but didn’t have any idea that there is a shop that makes jackets of his costume. It’s a great honor for me to have this attire in my wardrobe and wear it. I got this outfit for great price and this piece worth it. You are doing a great work, and I’m glad to enjoy your services.


Made Me Famous On Facebook

I’m a teenager, and I love comic heroes. And who else in this world don’t know about Superman. Everyone knows that he’s the best guy in DC universe. As I want to show my love to him, I bought this Man of Steel Superman outfit from your site with great service and the best price. As I got my jacket on time, the same day I took a picture of me wearing it and out that on Facebook. Believe me that picture of mind got more like than I ever have, lots of my friend commenting in that, they all were shocked to see me wearing this outfit. They asked me about this, I told them everything and my friends are going to do shopping from Fjackets as well. I haven’t received such compliments in my life but with this incredible jacket, I finally heard something good for my personality. Great Work!!

For A Biker Look

Every Saturday night, I and my friends go for outing on bikes. We do camp, hunting and much more. In short, Saturday night is the best night for me in a week. My friends told me that I don’t have that statement that bikers have and I should do something about this. My friend suggested having a biker jacket, and nothing can be compared with Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider jacket, so I bought this outfit from your shop. After having this outfit, my friends feel proud of me that I have a biker statement style, and they are also now looking for jackets like this. Thanks for the great service and for attire.

My Father Loves It

My Father has done a lot for me since I was a little boy. For that, it’s my duty as well to make him happy on some special occasions. This New Year I had decided to give him a special jacket as he loves to wear it regularly. So I came here to have something to him, and I found this Indiana Jones jacket over here. I was confirmed that my search is over, and I have got what I can gift to my father. While ordering, I had a big convo with customer care man, and he answered every single question of mine helping me for lots. They send the jacket to me on time, I received it and it was in great packing that I can directly give it to my father and I didn't need to do any type of attractive gift wrapping on it. He liked my gift and hugged me tightly. Thanks Fjackets.

Bought For Office Wearing

The reason, I bought this, is that this attire is perfect for office wearing in Inception Leonardo DiCaprio showed to all of us. I use to wear semi-formal dressing every time for office and during winters, I have to bear breezing the air every day. So I thought to buy something that can look like office attire and can also match my standard as well. I also heard about your site from my fellow employees in the office. They said that you were good at providing jackets and yeah you’re. I really loved enjoying your company and services. Next year, I will be back for another fresh style statement surely.

Delivery Disappointment

I didn't really want an outfit as I have lots of like this in my wardrobe. I just bought because my wife loved this movie and said me once that I have to buy this and look like Inception Arthur no matter what. So I searched for it, I surveyed different online shops and started comparing the price. After all, I’m a middle-class man. I got the best price on your site and also I liked the policies that you promise to offer. So I made the order believing that it will come to me on time but this didn’t happen. I got it 10 days late due to weather problems but it’s ok, I believe that what comes late is great so there should be something great in this too. Well, I got my jacket perfect and in the exact size that I like to wear and also my wife was happy a lot to see me in that outfit.

Didn't Got The Same

After watching the Surrogates movie, I thought to search for it something more, so I typed into Google and saw some images of the film. There I found this unique outfit that I didn't recognize while watching the movie. I wanna buy this jacket because it can match my standard well. So I decided to get it, and I got this only at your site, so I got no option else and have to buy it from here. I made my order, and the delivery was on time. I opened it, but there was something different in that attire. The jacket was fully brown, and there was no distress shade on it. I complained about it, got exchange with another and found it exact same this time. Thanks for replying on time and saving my money.

Just As Expected

In Minority Report Tom Cruise is one of the sexiest guys on earth as we all know, and I admired this outfit for him just to have his style. My hairstyle is like him, my body figure matches his body as well and just what I required is this jacket. I ordered it from here, got at the best price as well, delivery on time, and the jacket was same as promised. In short, everything went in the right direction that day. I got the style of my favorite actor, and everyone loves it. I got compliments for my style statement, and everyone was dying to know from where I had this. Then I told them about my experience of shopping with yew, and they said they would definitely come here after getting inspired from a jacket.

Some Addition Required

Hey Fjackets! I hope everything will be okay there. I’m here just to share something that I found in this outfit. There are some disappointments I got with this jacket but also got something unique in it. The price of war of the worlds jacket is too high as compared to other products of yours. And it’s hard to afford for the middle class people. Second the leather is too heavy for me, and I can’t wear it for the long time. These two problems should be solving with a great solution. I found that the jacket is in great shape with awesome design on the shoulders and sleeves. It’s too cool for me to wear and is best for my casual outing. Thanks for the time and I hope this should be solved right away.

Bought Change In My Life

Max Payne is fun to watch with friends and one of the best films of my teenage life. I didn’t know that there are someone who is making attires of celebrities but when I knew I just can’t stop myself from buying this outfit. I got this at cheap price from your place, and it reaches to me well on time. I open it, take it out and wore it first time. I just can’t expose my feelings in words, how was it feeling and how nice I was looking. It was totally a change in life, and it was the first experience that I have ordered a leather outfit and believe me it was my best decision of life. Thanks to Fjackets who provide me this outfit well and on time as promised.

Best Than Bond

I never thought that Daniel Craig is also showing his style of other movies. I thought that he was superb only as James Bond but now I’m shocked. I have seen him in suits not so much in casual and this Daniel Craig Layer Cake outfit of him is terribly awesome in look. The red color inside gives me a point of attraction. Except this, I got the great shine of his personality in my routine life by having this jacket in unexpected price. This jacket is sober and simple in style, and that is what a mature man like me wants. I use to wear it while going to the office as well. This jacket has become my routine life and all thanks to you.

Best Impression On All

My friends plan a party that was going to be happening at my place. I didn’t have their idea of wearing suit at home and on a casual party, but they decided that no we all are wearing suits, let’s check who will show his best.  Then we all search for some of the best suits. I have seen Doctor Who series and this suit in it as well. So I bought it from here and got it right on time with exact my time. The day when the party was I wore this suit, and I was looking dashing like never before. While voting for the most handsome looking guy I, got the second place, and it was the proof that this suit is great. Thank you, Fjackets for placing me at second place among my gathering.

Didn't Like It Too Much

I was wondering to have a change in my fashion life by adopting something new that I haven’t tried once. I love to wear jackets and in winter season, it’s my passion. I have lots of attires in my wardrobe, some I wear some not. I thought that I had lots of jackets so why not I try the 10th doctor long coat this time, so I came to your site as it was my second visit. So I was satisfied with your service, and I can freely order it without any worries. Like before it came to me on time and this time it was in better packing than the past one. I wore it but didn't get it quite nice to me. My height is not like that so I wonder that it didn't suit me like I thought it would be. But it's fine, I wear it sometimes, although it’s great.


Good Ol’ Daddy Yo

Well! You can say it’s something out of this world because I have never seen an online store selling celebrity jacket. I came across this jacket of Swordfish Hugh Jackman because it seems more of a biker type, and I adore that. Simple and formal type is not my thing to wear, and that is why I choose this so that it can give me the good ol’ daddy yo looks. I wore it at my friend’s place for a small hangout which all of a sudden turned out to be a plan for the club. Ladies were there, and it was a good thing I wore this jacket in front of them.

Got It Solved, For the Parties Would Do

I didn't quite understand this wanted jacket till I purchased it. Yeah, you must be thinking how I could buy one without realizing. Well, you see I’m not a choosy type of guy. At first I thought it would come in green but came in black, and that’s alright. So in this part I was a bit confused. Any era would do as long as it is made from leather. The only reason I kept it because the fitting was extremely awesome, otherwise I would send it back. On top of that, I’m enjoying this piece, and I would love to wear for parties.

Stylish One

It’s a new style jacket; I haven’t seen anything like it. The front outer look is awesome of this Limitless Leather Jacket as it has a new stylish look. When I just applied it to my body, I got the feeling of comfortableness and was very shy too. Everything was great about it. The jacket appeared the same as it can be seen in the images on the platform.



Before Time

It was wrapped up exceptionally well & looks were unbelievable of this OC Ryan Atwood Leather Jacket. I just know my friend is going to love it. Also, this was not due to reach my place until December 26th. I got it on the 20th. The seller included a gift (I'm pretty sure it's something big, but have not looked at it too closely) Fjackets rocks! I will update this rating later to reflect the fit :-) I loved it.

Delay in Delivery

Color of this Transformers Shia LaBeouf jacket was the thing that inspired me a lot to buy this masterpiece. Delivery of this jacket was bit late for two-three days, but overall services and material was excellent. It fitted me nicely and just imagined when I went to my friend’s house; guys who were walking through the street was staring at me just because of you people who made me look stylish.

Fastest Shipping

Quickest delivery. I bought the XL size. Soon as it reached me, I tried it on, and it fit snugged. I like the style of 17 again zac efron jacket is designed. The material used on the jacket is thin and light in weight. I was surprised that it had two inside pockets; love that. Would look better with two outside pockets but other than that, it looks great. Plus, nothing wrong with it. I'm pleased with my purchase.

Great Work

Stripes on the external right side insisted me to buy this peter fonda easy rider jacket. I've bought items from many different online stores but didn't found anyone better than you. Your services are great from every point of view. The material, the shipping and customer services staff all is great. They helped me in getting this attire. I was jubilant to have it with me. So I’ll give you 5 stars for this.

Good Stuff

It’s an excellent jacket. Sometimes I got the feeling that it’s not a jacket, it’s more like a long coat. Although black color is the feature that constrains me to keep this Life on Mars Leather Jacket with me. The shining was not the same as it appears on the screen, but it is a wearable item. Overall everything was good, and it gave me fitter and comfy look. I really loved your work Fjackets.

My Money Valued

You get what you pay for. Leather is of the finest quality too, but the thing that matters is price, it's amazing for its price. I recommend you to get a size larger than you usually wear. I'm 5'9", often wearing a size large with a 32 waist, and the XL fits me better than the L. While doing this thing you can be free from returning it back or exchanging this Starsky and Hutch Jacket.



Keep it up

I like this jacket so much; I've wanted one for a while in black even the original is in burgundy. Their shipping service is very fast. I Ordered Thursday last week, and it came on Tuesday of this week. I’m very pleased with this Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Jacket. I’m about 6'2 and 155lbs, and I bought the XL size, it fits perfectly for me. I recommend this jacket and dealer too. Great work Fjackets, keep up the good job.




Comfy and Stylish Appearance

I just recently bought this Wall Street Leather Jacket; it looks and feels great! It's my comfortable and stylish. I think that this would mostly be used in a cosplay type event, but you can actually wear it anywhere. The price is very affordable for this outfit, and it was shipped quickly to my doorstep. I highly recommend to guys who are confused to have it or not, go and get this jacket from Fjackets.


This Black leather Jacket of Expendables Jason Statham is awesome. Each and every feature of this outfit is better than another. There was a delay in delivery just because of the confusion in size that I ordered a large size, but I think they heard it small. Even though small and larger sounds entirely different but mistakes are created by our self. Although, I really liked and loved you work.



Outclass Item

I bought this jacket from your site, believe me it turns out to an outclass piece to wear. My brother and my family members also liked it so much that they wear it whenever they go out from the house. This pure Sam Flynn leather Jacket of Tron Legacy doesn't smell. Classic color of this jacket is being praised a lot by guys. Shipping services was far better from the other online stores. At last, I would say that Fjackets is one of the best online platforms I ever have seen.

Talked To Customer Services

I talked to customer services staff regarding the shoot that there were no images of it. They told me that they would be updating it in two-three days. Immediately they emailed me their personal shoot, from pictures I thought to buy it because it looked awesome, and I got the feeling that if I had this green lantern leather jacket, it would enhance my look. So I ordered it, and now fingers crossed and hoping for the best.


Quality Maintained

Ive already bought this jacket as a gift of valentine for my boyfriend. When I saw that it was a delivery man at my doorstep, I rushed to the door to get this, believe me I didn't waste any single second to open it up. After I had opened this, I saw this jack bauer leather jacket, it’s incredible, never seen anything exactly just like it. I am feeling that I will impress my man by gifting him this jacket. So full marks to you Fjackets for maintaining the same best quality for a long time.

Gift Item

I gifted this jacket to my brother as I promised him that if he will get the first position in his academic calendar. I will gift him Mad Max Rockatansky Jacket. Initially, I didn't think that he could achieve the first position but he did it and got the first position. So that made me buy this outfit for my brother. I personally feel that this is the one item that everyone should have it in their wardrobe. Great work Fjackets


Old is Gold

It turned out the same as it was seen in the movie. Believe me it was the look that folks adapted in 2006. It's now also trendy. There's a saying that old is gold while seeing at this Rocky Balboa Jacket you can say that this saying is perfect for it. I really liked your work, it was fabulous, and I'm very pleased with you guys. Keep up the good work, wish you all the best.