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Motorcycle Jacket Buying Guide


Leather motorcycle jackets have been an essential part of motorcycle gear in the past. Even today, leather is still considered one of the most reliable materials with the best abrasion resistance after the advancement of technology and synthetic fabrics.

Marlon Brando transformed this function gear into a statement piece with his movie “the wild one” back in 1953. The jacket was then perceived as a symbol of attitude, and everyone bikers and non-bikers alike started to love the moto jacket.

Not it all comes to one thing that is form vs. functionality. Before you purchase a biker jacket, you need to decide your purpose, whether you’re buying it for protection while riding, need it for warm or to look stylish casually. Once you’ve determined your goal, here is how you can find the best jacket for yourself.


Motorcycle Riding Jackets

If you’re into moto sports, opt for a jacket that is thick and specifically made for riding. A proper riding jacket comes with a thickness of about 1.2 mm, and 1.8 mm and is padded on the right areas that are prone to impact. Moto riding jackets go through multiple tests and offers extra paddings on the vital abrasion zones.

If you’re a casual rider and want to look good as well, a cowhide leather jacket with a thickness of 0.9 mm and above would be efficient and will also keep you warm in winters. These jackets also come with paddings on the key areas to protect you if any mishap takes place.

Motorcycle Style Jackets

You don’t need to be a biker to rock one of these bad boys; you can wear it for the weekends or a concert or anywhere you like. Just because it's not made for racing does not make it less durable, as it’s made of real leather, it can easily stand the test of time. A motorcycle jacket tends to look best if made of lambskin because this type of leather is supple and drapes well.

How to style it?

Motorcycle jackets stand out very well and are also quite versatile at the same time. You can wear it casually with a light tone basic tee and slim fit jeans, or dress it in a button-down shirt and chinos. That’s not all. You can also layer up your jacket with a nice turtle neck or sweater during winter. The bottom line is that once you find the jacket that fits well, you can experiment with different styles for your nights out.

Remember, a leather jacket is a one-time investment, and if you manage to find the right one, you’re going to love every bit of it.


Things you should know before buying a motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets have always been a part of a riding gear as well as a fashion staple since decades, whether you’re buying it to protect yourself or to upgrade your look you want to make it worthwhile. There is nothing to worry about! Here are the factors that should be in your checklist before buying a leather jacket. The one that fulfills all would definitely be the best.


 Never compromise on the quality of your jacket, it’s a one time investment so make it a good one. When buying a moto jacket only opt for higher grade leather like full grain or top grain. Avoid bonded leather or any other cheaper alternative that won’t look as attractive as well as won’t last very long. While most brands do not mention the type of leather. However, you can easily judge by the quality of the hardware, if the zippers are cheap and low quality there is no way the leather would be any better. As for FJackets we are transparent about the type of leather we use, you can read about it here.


Protection is the single most important factor if you’re buying a jacket for riding, you need to pay close attention to not only the quality but also the thickness of the leather, and if it’s padded in the right areas. Secondly the structure also plays an important role as you’re going to extend your hand forward while riding, so the jacket needs to sit well in the right places.


Brown and black are two of the best colors for moto jackets, these colors wonderfully showcase the timeless character of a leather jacket. Moreover, they’re also versatile and go with almost anything in your wardrobe. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe with only one or two jackets these two colors should be your preferable choice.


The fit of the jacket can make or break your style, secondly it's also important from a functional standpoint, you don’t want your jacket to feel uncomfortable while moving at high speed. Both men and women jackets come in different cuts and sizes, it’s best to compare your measurements to the size chart and order accordingly. Some key areas to look at are the shoulder, chest, waist and arm length. If the shoulder seams of your jacket sits over the edge of your shoulder, it’s a good indication that it fits well.