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Strong Together


Update on COVID-19 from Fjackets CEO, Paul Anderson


This is an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the health of our loved ones, the businesses we rely upon, the health of the global economy, and the way we live our daily lives. As we all continue to navigate through these unique and evolving challenges, we want you to know that we are here for you.

Many businesses today are stepping up to help, because no one business can do it alone. It’s our way of helping you take extra care of yourself during these challenging times.

We all need to support our employees and look for ways to help our customers navigate these waters. In the last few days, we’ve seen generosity and kindness, intergenerational support and solidarity, and remarkable fortitude. It is during times like these that courage and generosity and resilience make a difference.

We have taken action as COVID-19 has spread, to protect the physical well-being and financial security of our employees so that they are in a position to care for their health while also supporting our customers. Many employees are now working remotely, and we will also be transitioning several of our customer service centers to this remote working structure.

Supporting the small business community, the backbone of our economy.

Our shipping facility remains open, where we are ensuring that all precautionary measures are taken, as suggested by authorities.

So if you had your eye on something from our shop for a while - We'd really apprecaite your support now.

At the same time, we are developing new processes that ensure we keep on serving our customers. As it currently stands, our website is fully operational and we are able to make deliveries as usual.

Also, we’re donating 10% of the profit from this to Direct Relief's COVID-19 fund. This fund provides personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers responding to this outbreak.

Thank you for being a Fjackets customer – and for the trust you place in us every day.