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Sustainable Leather

Craftsmanship and Quality With Responsibility

At FJackets, we’ve kept our products in line with our vision by offering the finest quality sustainable leather goods in a variety of styles.

We get asked quite often about sustainable leather and what goes into making our products. Therefore, we would love to educate you about how we source leather in order to make fashion more sustainable.

Sustainable leather was once considered an oxymoron, but it is now a reality thanks to improvement in the supply chain.

What is Sustainable Leather?
Fjackets | Sustaintable Leather

What is Sustainable Leather?

Sustainable leather is the byproduct of local farming, which means the cattle were not raised explicitly to create leather products. In fact, leather is considered sustainable when it’s waste-preventative and resourceful. If the hide is not used, it’s typically just thrown out or burned, which is a big no for the environment.

We source our leather from local providers who treat their animals gently and with care. We also offer fair trade prices to farmers. Since our leather is sourced from local farm animals, our sourcing has a minimal environmental impact. Moreover, our products are handmade, and the processing has a low impact and is sustainable.

We also believe in the ethical treatment of our employees who work with leather goods. It covers everything from providing safe working conditions and paying them fairly. Sustainability and ethics define FJackets and have ultimately led up to success.

what is “eco friendly leather” ? what is leather’s environmental impact?

what is “eco friendly
											leather” ?

“Eco-friendly” is the term used for leather that is derived from sources from other alternatives such as plants, woods, and man-made material.

The downside to this so-called Eco-friendly leather is that it’s not sustainable. As derived from non-animal material, it needs to be processed with chemicals leaving behind huge industrial waste. Secondly, it’s not long-lasting, which means you’ll need to buy more often, resulting in more waste produced each year.

Sustainable leather better defines our brand ideology in terms of ecological, cultural, and economic sustainability. Our leather is sourced from real animals raised locally for food. We stand behind our products because it's long-lasting and made with best environmental practices such as local tanning process that recycles water and is non-artificial.

our sustainable supply chain & good business of good ethics

We aim to encourage fashion on purpose which is the idea that fashion does not need to be about design. It is also a story about how it can align with the betterment of the environment and the society without compromising quality and style.

As the FJackets supply chain is designed with best practices in mind; we produce amazing, fashionable products while sourcing sustainable leather, incorporating environmentally sustainable processes and ethical treatment of workers.


Unboxing Sustainability: Eco Friendly Packaging

We are proud to share our commitment to sustainable fashion packaging. We understand the urgent need for change in the fashion industry, and we are determined to positively impact the environment.

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is evident in this eco-friendly solution. Inspired by the global movement towards sustainable packaging, we have carefully chosen recycled cardboard as the main material, ensuring a circular economy and waste diversion.

Our box packaging protects your products and reflects our brand's elegance with its stylish design. After unboxing, we encourage you to reuse the box for storage or other purposes, knowing that it is fully recyclable when the time comes. At FJackets, we believe in customer education, providing information about sustainable packaging and responsible consumption.

From Plastic to Purpose: FJackets' Commitment to Sustainable Fashion Packaging

FJackets plastic packaging

Plastic packaging has been the norm in the fashion industry for far too long, but we acknowledge its detrimental effects on the planet. The long decomposition time, pollution, and harm to wildlife are issues that cannot be ignored. That's why we have set ourselves to minimize our environmental footprint and promote a circular economy through packaging practices.

We are actively researching and investing in eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging. By exploring options like biodegradable materials and compostable packaging, we aim to find solutions that align with our sustainability values. It is our responsibility to choose packaging materials that have a lower environmental impact and can be easily integrated into the natural cycles of our planet.

Our journey from plastic to purpose is driven by our passion for sustainability and desire to be part of the solution.

The time for change is now: Elevating the Unboxing Experience with Our Box Design.

What sets our new packaging apart? It's not just about the looks but the entire experience. When you receive your Fjackets box, whether it's a men's or women's leather jacket, you'll notice the attention to detail and thoughtful design. The box is carefully designed to protect your prized leather jackets during transit, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. Say goodbye to worries about accidental damage or creases – we've got you covered.

So, are you ready to elevate your unboxing experience? The time for change is now. Join us in embracing the future of packaging. Unbox your Fjackets women's and men's leather jackets with pride, knowing that every detail has been carefully considered to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Fjackets box packaging

fJackets promise

Leather symbolizes strength and durability, and the same qualities should reflect in relationships whether it’s your spouse, brother, friend or relative. So, we at FJackets believe in overcoming distance by producing fashionable yet sustainable products that can work a token of appreciation.

Our Product Ethos

Most leather appareal are not of the highest quality standards, and may appear flimsy or made from faux leater. This is our approach

Our Product Ethos

Quality Material

Our manufacturing and quality control process ensures we only make high quality products from real leather

Our Product Ethos

Unique Designs

We spend a significant amount of time coming up with new noteworthy designs, so you can find the one that’s just right.

Our Product Ethos

Fair Price

Despite using high quality material and skilled artisans. We still want you to experience our items at a reasonable price.