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Tips On How To Be Productive


So your 2018 didn’t go well? You’re not alone.

The previous year was full of ups and downs experiences. Some relate to work and some to personal lifestyle, but still, we can’t just call it a bad year (at least for some).

If you’re one of those people who wants to make a difference in daily routine or to avoid the same mistakes in 2019, I'm here to help you out!

All you have to do is be serious about it. Here are 6 tips that’ll make your 2019 more organized, awesome and productive.

  • 1. Focus on things that are quicker to finish (one at a time).

    Most of our hours are spend or wasted on stuff that eats more time, whether at home or work. If you’re attempting to make it simple, concentrate on what is easy to finish first and then, you can shift your focus on the difficult task.

  • 2. Make a to-do list for everything (or at least for important things).

    Adopt the habit of creating a schedule for things you do at home, work or while traveling. Make a to-do list a day earlier for the next day because it’s a simple way to get all your task done. You’re more likely to complete fewer things in a day, so it is better to narrow it down and only include important suggestions.

  • 3. Avoid distractions or just ignore it.

    Whatever prevents you from reaching your goals, avoid it! Whether it’s a toxic work environment, conflicts or even your own negative thoughts. The truth is, it’s extremely difficult to ignore, but once you learned the art of eliminating unnecessary distractions, you’ll enjoy doing what you do best!

  • 4. Give your mind more rest.

    The best way to get your work done is to give your brain a bit rest to think clearly. Those who brainstorm themselves or manage a team need to have a clear head to generate effective ideas that fits the task. Be flexible and never get lost in thoughts about the past or what’s not necessary!

  • 5. Make greater use of your time.

    Analyzation is the best way to organize a lifestyle – or just call it time management in other words.

    Tracking time is incredibly easy thanks to phone apps and online tools that can be used for managing each moment. From drinking water, fitness to doing chores or completing an important task assigned at work.

  • 6. Mark everything on a calendar.

    Calendar is an essential part of life (if utilized properly). It helps improve time management and boost productivity. The best way to utilize for maximum results is – not limited to:

    • Creating a daily plan / appointment.

    • Marking important events to attend.

    • Keeping track of on-going trend.

    • Keeping track of deadlines.

    • Administration use.

If you’re in search for a stylish display calendar to meet-up schedules, then here is our printed Wall & Desk Calendar that is easy to read-at-glance and organize. The chart covers 12 months and comes with inspirational quotes to motivate your lifestyle’s practices.

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Desk & Wall Calender

Perfect Day to Day Planning and Organizing Wall & Desk Calendars 2019

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The office calendar 2019 is design in the simplest yet attractive manner keeping in mind the basic planning requirements of a person, be it a school student or an executive level employ its helpful for everyone.

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Doodle, write or mark important dates with blank space on each date.

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Note appointments, special events, reminders or whatever you want on the separate notes section.

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Monthly Planner /Monthly view

Plan ahead by referring to the previous and next month calendar at the bottom.

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Premium Quality Paper

Thick smudge resistant paper to avoid ink-bleed while writing.