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how to dress like a peaky blinder

A Definitive Guide on How to Dress Like a Peaky Blinder


It’s been quite a while since the last episode of Peaky Blinder season 5 was aired. This brings us to season 6 which will premiere at the end of 2021 or perhaps early 2022. It will also be the final season according to the show’s creator Steve knight. We’re highly anticipated to see our favorite “Thomas Shelby” back in action, and so is the Peaky Blinder fandom. If you’re a fan, you already know that the show has some awe-inspiring outfits based on 1920s fashion it’s astonishing to see how well-dressed people were at that time. Fast forward a hundred years later the 1920s style is still highly regarded even today, well who doesn’t value a high-quality suit that drapes well and looks sharp? So, if you want to dress up for your next major event or prepare for a roaring 20s party here is an easy guide on how to dress like a Peaky blinder.

Peaky Blinder Outfit

Thomas Shelby


To begin with we go with Thomas Shelby the patriarch of the Shelby family and also the mastermind of the gang. When we talk about peaky blinders costume, he is the first one that comes to our mind. He wears a traditional cut three-piece suit. Thomas Shelby suit along with his complete costume speaks for itself that how should a leader dress like. Here is how to dress like him.

Thomas Shelby Peaky Blinders Suit


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Every peaky blinder character has a traditional cut suit and that’s the first and most important thing to consider while planning to get a peaky blinders costume. Secondly, Thomas Shelby favors tweed or corduroy material for his suits and the color of his suits is usually blue or grey. If you don’t have time to get your suit designed and tailored opt for a made-to-measure suit online.

Thomas Shelby Coat


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The overcoat is a classic part of the outfit but it’s not mandatory if you live in warmer states. However, if you live somewhere cold you can wear it over your suit, it will not only keep you warm but also work as a part of the costume.

Thomas Shelby Shirt


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Club collar shirts were booming during the 1920s and even today this shirt is highly in demand thanks to the show. You don’t need to try anything fancy, just stick to plain white or light blue shirt with french cuffs and it will go well with your Thomas Shelby costume.

Peaky Blinder Accessories


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You may have compiled the perfect Thomas Shelby outfit but it’s the minor details that make the difference. If you want to get the complete look of the character you need the right accessories among which comes the newsboy cap as we all know it’s a signature prop of the show. Secondly, you’ll need a pocket watch, necktie, and suspenders.

Black-Capped Toe Ankle Boots


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The capped-toe boots are just the perfect kind of footwear to go with your 1920s outfit because it’s classic and versatile. Opt for real leather boots if you want them to last long, or if you’re on a budget you can also find good quality faux leather ones.

Arthur Shelby


Arthur is the eldest among the Shelby siblings and also one of the main members of the Peaky Blinder crew. He is the right-hand of Thomas Shelby and is best known for his trash-talking personality. Here is how you can dress up like Arthur Shelby.

Arthur/Thomas Shelby Suit


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Just like his brother Thomas, Arthur’s style is distinctive and classic, he wears colors like blue, brown, and grey more often and his suits are made of heavier tweed/wool which gives him a fierce appearance. To look similar, you will need a three-piece wool suit with a wide-notch lapel and preferably in blue, brown, or grey color. You can wear the same overcoat and shirt as shown for Tomas but there is a little twist in the outfit which is as follows.

The Bowtie


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Arthur’s signature piece “The bowtie” is a must-have if you want to look like him, make sure you opt for a self-tie bow tie rather than that flimsy-looking pre-tied ones, the goal here is to get a classic 1920s to look, and not just look like you’re wearing a costume.

8 Piece News Boy Cap


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The classic newsboy cap comes with an 8-panel design and a button at the top, this style was specifically made famous by the Peaky Blinder series, so if you want to channel the Shelby look this is the style of cap you need.

Brown Capped Toe Derby Boots


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In the show Arthur is can be seen wearing simple capped-toe derby boots in oxblood color, the boot is versatile and goes well with the classic grey/blue suit. So, this is what you need to complete the outfit.

Michael Gray


Michael Gray is the cousin of the Shelby brothers and the son of Polly. He's highly inspired by Thomas Shelby. His look is more formal, his hair a bit longer, and not shaved at the side. We've never seen Michael wearing a hat so you don't need one to look like him.

Grey Three-Piece Suit


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Michael’s style is more banker type, he wears a grey/blue three-piece suit with wide lapels and four-button waistcoats. You need a similar-looking suit to nail the classic look.

Navy Blue Necktie


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A navy-blue necktie will go perfectly with the grey suit, Michael wears a slim tie, make sure yours is slim too, however, avoid ties that are super skinny or thick.

John Shelby


John is the third sibling and one of the most important members of the Peaky Blinders, his style is similar to brother Thomas but with some noticeable differences. You need the same club collar shirt and optionally a wool overcoat and a three-piece suit.

Blue Three-Piece Suit


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John wears a blue three-piece suit his suit has wide lapels and he wears it with a club collar shirt and a slim necktie. Don’t forget to wear a navy-blue newsboy cap to the side like he does and hold a toothpick in your mouth if you seriously want to nail the look.

Bottom Line

To wrap things up, every peaky blinder character has one thing in common and that is a tailored three-piece suit which is an integral part of every man’s wardrobe. The best part about these outfits is that it does not look like a costume, in fact, it makes you look like a gentleman who knows how to dress well. The only difference lies in how you wear it and what color schemes you select; each character has a distinct style for example John wears his cap sideways while Arthur keeps his hair long and slick black so you need to understand these details if you want a screen-accurate style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the iconic Thomas Shelby outfit?

The outfits in the Blinders series, typically consist of a three-piece tweed suit, a flat cap, and some classic yet sturdy ankle boots. It's a timeless ensemble that exudes a rugged, yet sophisticated charm.

To recreate the perfect Peaky Blinders look, focus on vintage-inspired pieces. A tweed suit, a crisp white shirt, a waistcoat, and a flat cap are essential. Don't forget the sturdy boots for an authentic touch! Also, remember to add minor details like a vintage watch and cufflinks.

Can I wear a Tommy Shelby outfit for a special occasion?

Absolutely! Its blend of ruggedness and elegance, can be a unique and stylish choice for special occasions. It's all about carrying the ensemble with confidence and flair.

What makes the Peaky Blinder outfit unique?

The outfit stands out due to its blend of ruggedness and elegance. The ensemble, features a tweed suit, flat cap, and boots and reflects the gritty yet stylish world of the early 20th-century Birmingham gangsters.

Is the Thomas Shelby outfit suitable for everyday wear?

While a Thomas Shelby dress is quite distinctive, elements of it, like the suit or the flat cap, can be incorporated into everyday wear. It's all about adapting the look to your personal style.