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how to identify a genuine leather jacket

9 Ways To Identify A Genuine Jacket | How To Tell If Leather Is Real


Leather is a natural material used for creating products like furniture, accessories, and most importantly - jackets. When it comes to leather jackets, the market has adopted the habit of selling artificial pieces as real leather and it is difficult to identify if it's genuine or artificial. You can check the difference between PU and Real Leather. Don’t worry, there are many ways how to tell if the leather is real or not from faux leather by which you can easily recognize real leather - here are 9 things that you need to check before buying.

Differences Between Real and Fake Leather Jackets

Below you can check some of the major differences between a real and a fake leather jacket. These points are crucial for someone trying to purchase a jacket. Go through them carefully if you want to invest in a good quality genuine leather jacket.

Feature Jacket Made From Real Leather Jacket Made From Fake Leather
Material Genuine animal hide Artificially made plastic or polyurethane
Durability Long-lasting and durable with proper care Less durable and may show signs of wear over time
Texture Natural grain pattern and unique texture Uniform texture with no natural variations
Breathability More breathable than synthetic materials Less breathable than real leather
Price More expensive than fake leather Less expensive than real leather
Sustainability Can be eco-friendly, if made from responsibly sourced leather May not be eco-friendly if made from synthetic materials

Let's go through some ways you can test out a jacket to check if it is real leather or fake. We will go through some tests and experiments you can carry out.

1. Check price tag:


 The biggest difference between genuine and artificial is the price. A real leather jacket costs 2x more than a synthetic leather jacket. If you find it anywhere at a cheap price then it will be definitely made up of synthetic leather. And there are many tests you can do on the spot to identify the real or faux.

2. Touch and feel:


 Good quality real leather always gives a slightly smooth and warm feeling. If you feel that it is so smooth and gives a plastic feel then it will be faux leather. If you want to compare both of them then go to only reputable garment stores because they have a wide variety of both real leather and synthetic leather so, you can easily compare both. Also read, "How long will a leather jacket last?"

3. Check texture pattern:


 Faux leather is chemically synthesized and made in a machine that’s it comes with an asymmetrical texture pattern. On the other hand, real leather has a unique and uneven texture pattern with variations in a single piece. A genuine leather jacket for women would look distressed and full of grains because it is made of natural products. Always check the pattern properly before. It makes you look badass.

4. Smell the Leather:


 The smell is a good indicator to recognize the leather. Artificial leather smells like chemicals or plastic while real leather smells natural and organic. Most people love jackets made of real leather because of their attractive smell and it is addictive. Once you smell real leather then you can easily recognize the smell for a lifetime because it is unique.

5. Water absorbance test:


 Real leather has its own uniqueness to absorb water due to the presence of pores. Dark patches will be visible where moisture is present until water evaporates. Just put 1-2 drops of water on the surface of the leather, if it absorbs then it means it's real. If water droplets remain at the surface then it is definitely synthetic leather. It can definitely be impossible to test a new leather jacket in the store. Ask the store assistants for a spare piece of leather jacket which may be used for such quality checks.

6. Check edges:


If you ever use any real leather product then you can easily recognize genuine leather. They have always rough roundness and coarse edges like natural but the Faux or synthetic leather edges look smooth and perfect. Some manufacturers try to make edges smooth but the real leather is still identifiable.

7. Fire test:


 This test is sensitive that’s why only try it if you own the product at home. Pick up the edge of the leather and try to close it with fire. If you notice a burning plastic smell then it is 100% faux leather and if it is not, then it's natural. I would suggest you go with other tests instead of this one, It is just for knowledge not recommended for ordinary people.

8. Bend comparison:


When you bend real leather it shows the variation in color and in pores while on the other hand, faux leather has no more elasticity than real leather. It is more regular and wrinkles easily. Faux Leather stretches and can break while real leather will never break or it stretches.

9. Weight check:


 Another easy method to identify whether the leather is real or not is its weight. Weight is the biggest difference between a real leather jacket and a synthetic leather jacket. Real leather such as lambskin and cowhide is heavier than synthetic leather. Also, real leather will always last longer than synthetic one.


These are the simple and easy tricks from which you can easily identify real or fake leather. In short, real leather is durable and expensive. A genuine leather jacket is warm and comfortable but a synthetic leather jacket looks good only in appearance and has a low price. Real leather is a one-time investment and lifetime use. Check out our best-selling leather jacket collection here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What should I look for when buying a leather jacket?

The first thing you need to look for is the skin, and it depends on your taste. Then examine the quality of accessories (snap, buttons, and zippers). Another necessary factor of a leather jacket is the inner lining because it will decide how warm the jacket will be.

Even if you are a beginner, you can identify good leather by touching it because you feel grains of leather and smoothness while cheaper quality leather can't give you a feel of premium. Make sure to experience lots of leathers' multiple qualities to understand differences in quality as a beginner better.

How much is a real leather men's jacket worth?

A good quality leather jacket worth $200 to $2000 depends on the quality and remember higher price jacket doesn't mean it will be better. Many brands charge a higher price because of the popularity of the brand name.

How to Spot Fake Leather?

You should do a waterproof test with a few drops of water on its surface to spot fake leather. Real leather absorbs the water while the water stays on the faux leather's surface, and it doesn't absorb it.

Expensive leather jackets are worth the price because they are made with lambskin, calfskin, and cowhide. These jackets are a one-time investment that can last a lifetime if you take proper care, and they will keep warm in style.

How do you break into a leather jacket?

The simplest way to break in your leather jacket naturally then make it part of your everyday outfit and if you want to break in your leather jacket quickly, then wear it more often, even when you don't feel comfortable wearing it.