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wilsons leather jacket review

Wilsons Leather Jacket Review


About Wilsons Leather Jacket

Wilson’s leather came into existence by merging two separate leather manufacturers, Berman Buckskin, founded in 1899, and Wilsons House of Suede and Leather, founded in 1950. Melville Corporation acquired both companies and merged them into one, forming Wilson’s Leather in 1982. At its peak, it had over 453 stores across the united states and Canada. However, the company had to shut down underperforming stores. Wilsons Leather is currently owned by AM Retail and has 167 stores nationally.


What separates Wilsons from other leather manufacturers and retailers is the price point; they source most of their overseas products, resulting in much lower labor and material cost. Hence, they’re able to provide decent quality products at a much lower price. Wilsons also launched its online store in 1999 which is still functional and accepting orders.

How to shop from Wilsons Leather?

There are two ways to purchase from Wilsons Leather. One is by visiting the nearest store or outlet; you can find stores in your locality using the store locator on their website. The second way to order is via their website. Simply select the product you want to buy and add it to the cart, enter your shipping/billing address, and your product will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Wilsons leather uses an encrypted payment method that ensures safe and secured transactions.

Why is Wilsons leather Jacket so cheap?

While Wilson's leather jacket may not be the best out there in terms of detailing and hide quality, it indeed gets the job done. Their product is not bad considering the price range, and it's hard to find a better deal elsewhere. At Wilsons, you can find jackets for as low as $150 and high as $519. It's unclear what makes the $500 jacket more expensive it's most likely because of the Thinsulate lining.


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Pros and Cons of Wilsons Leather?


Wilsons Leather is a reputable name in the clothing industry and has a loyal customer base who've been shopping for years. The best things about them are the price point that enables every fashion-savvy person to enjoy their favorite jacket without breaking the bank. However, looking at the recent reviews, the quality seems to have declined. Several people are complaining about the decline in quality compared to the old Wilson's leather jacket. Some people have even pointed out that this decline in quality could have resulted from going bankrupt and selling its name and acquisition to another company. It's not only the quality of the product that is the issue but also the customer service, many people don't seem to be satisfied with the return policy, and the refund process seems to take ages. The company needs a lot of work to maintain its spot as a reputable clothing store.