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Women's Genuine Leather Bomber Jackets

Trends come and go, and the outfits that were once stylish are replaced with newer ones. However, some styles will never go out of fashion and be replaced by something else. One such example is the classic bomber jacket. Also identified as flight jackets by many due to their association with pilots from WW2. There are plenty of cool variations introduced in bomber, and each one has its own rule for styling. You will find it in both military and smart casual designs, but it is not a military jacket anymore. Now you get to see a more streamlined version of the same style and recreation from different brands.

Currently, the jackets have a more casual approach rather than what it was made for. However, that doesn't take anything away, the modern jackets are still functional enough according to today's requirements, plus they look fantastic paired with casual outfits.

Just like men, the bomber jacket can also be a staple for women. However, you won't find the classic air force style jackets. You can still get a decent quality real leather bomber jacket for women and lighter options like nylon, cotton, and satin. If you want to stand out, even more, you can opt for different styles like women's Sherpa bomber jackets, bomber jackets with patches women's, and women's aviator bomber jackets.

We now finally know that this outfit has a casual side that can be utilized for a daily commute. Similar to military pilots, women also require warm and stylish outerwear, and we have them all under one roof. Whether you want it for your workwear or weekend outings, these jackets are great options to dress up or down depending on the occasion. You can rock a bomber jacket all year round as long as you know which material to pick.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is bomber jacket a girl approved?

Bomber jackets were initially introduced as mens outerwear, but the style was also added in the womens variation with the rise in its popularity. The outwear received a positive response from its female audience, and more brands started reproducing the bomber jacket. The style is now a staple for womens fashion.

What to wear with a black bomber jacket womens?

Anything goes well with black, and that's the beauty. However, you always dress up to look sharp on special days. Pair your jacket with happening tones like red, blue, and yellow dresses for a chic upgrade. You can also wear it with your favorite top and jeans to look sharp casually.

How should it fit?

Bomber jackets are supposed to fit loosely around the torso, accompanied by stretchable rib knit cuffs and hem. Make sure your jacket falls straight from top to bottom for a relaxed silhouette. Secondly, you will also have room for an extra layer during colder days.

How many styles are available?

There are several bomber jackets, including A models, G models, and B models. Each has its distinct design. For example, the b models come with shearling lining while the A-series are made of real leather. You can also find modern lightweight options like nylon, satin, and cotton.

Why is it called a flight?

The jacket gets its name from airforce pilots who wore them to stay protected from freezing temperatures. Later on, the jacket received its casual status and was no longer just a military garment. However, the style still retains the same shape and structure; therefore, it's called a flight or bomber jacket.