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Great Gatsby Suit Collection



Admit it; you want to look wickedly sharp like Jay Gatsby wearing one of those classic 1920s suits, well who doesn’t? The movie serves as an inspiration for every style-savvy gentleman. It’s also responsible for bringing back the 1920’s fashion.

The movie revolves around Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, and his love interest, Daisy. Gatsby is a mysterious businessman who hosts extravagant parties. You can see all the characters with a sharp sense of style, ranging from classic suits to tuxedos for men and outfits for women.

There are four central characters in the film Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire, and Joel Edgerton.

Among all the characters, Leonardo DiCaprio is shown as a rich and charming personality who dresses extravagantly. Along with him, Carey Mulligan as Daisy, who’s also seen with some of the most classic dresses.

You don’t need to wait for a classic themed party because the 1920s style is pretty much in, so if you’re attending a wedding, engagement, Valentines dinner or any other formal event, why not look different with these classic Gatsby Suits. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested but don’t exactly know where to start. Here is how to dress up the Great Gatsby style.


If you’re invited to a Gatsby theme party and can’t decide what to wear, don’t panic, we have a fantastic selection of Gatsby suits, tailored to make you look as good as you can imagine. Here are some style inspirations you can copy for your next event. Most of these ready to wear suits are available a FJackets along with custom made to measure sizes. However, it not only about the suit. It would be best if you also had the right accessories and footwear to tie your outfit together.


Daisy Buchanan was the prominent star of the movie for the ladies, and when you have all eyes on you, it is best that you look as stunning as possible. The gowns and dresses are what you will find for the Gatsby party are designer made and cost thousands of dollars, you don’t need to spend that much, there are plenty of luxurious outfits online, with not so extravagant price tag. Opt for silk or chiffon dresses with ruffles or some detailing that looks gorgeous. Long gloves and pearl necklaces are the staple accessories for your party ensemble. Headpieces with glitter are a must to give you an overall look of the 1920s. For the footwear, simple heels or pumps would do just fine.womens collection that you will bring to the party. Head pieces with glitter are a must to give you an overall look of the 1920’s. For the footwear, simple heels or pumps would do just fine.


You don’t get to see pink suits quite often, but with the right shade of pink and a little confidence, you can undoubtedly nail the look like Jay Gatsby in the Film. A three-piece suit is more preferable; make sure your suit is tapered for a lovely 20s silhouette. When it comes to accessories, a boater hat for men is what a pearl necklace is for women. It works as a highlight for the entire outfit. Moreover, you can accessorize your look with cufflinks, a pocket square, and a contrasting striped necktie. Also, wear winged tip shoes to complete the look.




The movie maybe a few years old, but it has a significant role in reviving the classic style that still runs today. Since the evolution of the Baz Luhrmann version of the Gatsby suits, it is the most popular choice outfit among the grooms. Whether the character is played by Leonardo DiCaprio or by Robert Redford, the Gatsby suits look sophisticated and fashionable without giving a flashy look. Gatsby suits are similar to the perfectly tailored three-piece suits with elegant accessories and luxurious appearance. It is the outfit of the rich and well to do people.


If you are fascinated by these Great Gatsby outfits, then do not limit yourself to these parties. The suits are also an appropriate choice for other formal events. The places where you can wear these suits are weddings, Halloween, dinners, and other formal functions. You can wear these suits as a groom to stand out or as a guest if you prefer classic. What makes this style special is the simplicity and just the right amount of detail.






When a movie is nominated for awards in almost every major event, it does mean that this was one of those that are worth watching for obvious reasons. People have spent their money to go watch movies like The Great Gatsby more than twice. That is because either the story was good or they found something captivating during the runtime of the film. The Great Gatsby movie was not only nominated but also won. They won two awards on the biggest night for moviegoers, the Academy Awards aka the Oscars.

The costume designer for this film was Catherine Martin, the standout employee of the team, and her work paid off when she won an award for the Best Costume Design and the Best Production Design. Two years later and they all remember that night whenever they see a cream suit or a pink suit that reminds them of the one worn by DiCaprio. This award became the main reason for everyone to get their hands on the dresses and suits that were shown.

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