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Light Grey Suits

Suits have served as a standard dress code for men since the 17th century. It has a very long history and evolved throughout the centuries after the introduction of colors, styles, cuts, and so on. The formality further evolved in the 20th century when tailors developed patterned suits in different shades of color to help men dress up based on the event theme.

When it comes to investing, there are so many unique styles, but one dress suit that has remained a default code for men is a light grey suit. Men still wear it due to its neutral tone that blends in every occasion and does not require many efforts. The primary places men wear this suit include business meetings, job interviews, weddings, and prom. In other words, the style is simply classic! 

When investing in a mens light grey suit, you must check if it's giving you the modern fit. Your overall appearance depends on the jacket and pant fits regardless of quality. Your worries end here because we are offering made-to-measure to help you wear the right fit and embrace the elegance. It's easy, just select made-to-measure before placing your order and leave the rest to us.


Are light GREY suits in style?

Yes, they are partically the best option that adds a professional vibe.

What shirt goes with light GREY suit?

White is formally nice but it also looks good with light pink.

Can you wear it in the winter?

If it's not very cold, a suit can protect you but if it gets to harsh, layer a long coat over your suit. 

What does this suit means?

It represents you as a businessman or a highly professional person.

Are light GREY suits professional?

They belong mostly to workplace, business meetings and seminars.