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What to Expect when Buying a Mens Leather Jacket


Whether you’re looking for a fashion-forward real leather jacket, or a rugged piece to get you through the unpredictable weather. Buying a real leather jacket mens can be a daunting experience because you don’t really know what to expect from your choice of brand.

Luckily if you’re looking for leather jackets for men and you are reading this, you’re at the right place, we don’t just make claims about quality and service, we actually deliver! Here is what to expect when shopping from FJackets.

We have everything from Mens biker jacket, bomber to timeless hooded jackets and cafe racer. ranging from casual wear to more formal options. The key to finding the right jacket for you is to know what you want to use it for.

You can also find leather jackets in a variety of colors from traditional brown leather jacket mens uk and black to more contemporary hues like blue and red that are sure to keep you looking sharp, Whichever style you choose, make sure it fits well and is comfortable to wear.

Premium Quality Leather & Hardware

Our leather jacket for men are made of high-quality real lambkin leather that feels supple and offers a flattering drape when you wear it.

Styles for Every Season

Quality is important but we also give equal weightage to style, we have a dedicated team who come up with exclusive designs.

Mens Leather Jackets UK Fit Guide


It is essential to know how a leather jacket men should look when you have them on and how it should fit. Most people tend to opt for a size up when buying their jacket, but going for a leather jacket mens that’s too big can make your silhouette appear too odd and boxy.

Take your measurement


You should start by relaxing your arms and standing up straight and relaxing your arms. Take the measurement. with the halo of a measuring tape around the upper part of the chest  

Shoulder width 

The shoulders of your jacket should not be too tight or too loose. Try on a any jacket you own that you feel fits great on you. Then, take a measuring tape and note down the width from the seam of the left shoulder to the seam of the right shoulder and write down the measurement.

Jacket length

To measure the length of your jacket, you should place the measuring tape measure at the top of your shoulder and then measure from the very top of your thigh (belt area). Keep in mind a leather jacket should end at your belt and not lower, it might be a little shorter than you're used to but you can always try a leather coat for men if it gets chillier.

Bear in mind that a real leather jacket will stretch, especially if it is worn frequently. You should keep in mind that your leather jacket should feel like a second skin.

At Fjackets, we not only ship to customers in the United States, but we also have a strong international presence. We ship to countries all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. We offer a wide variety of products, and our prices are unbeatable. 


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