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Wool Coats Men

When it comes to men's outerwear, the wool coat is one that goes hand in hand with winter. It's sleek, lightweight and warm -- a combination you can't go wrong with during the cold months. But, since wool coats can be created in a variety of styles, your personal preference and what the situation demands will determine what type of wool coat you will choose. Here are a few options you can find at FJackets.

Mens Wool Trench Coat

Trench coats are double breasted coats with long cut and belted waist, you can find them in cotton, wool and leather. At FJackets we have and extensive woolen trench coat for men featuring modern cuts and classic colors like black and navy that go with everything you plan on wearing.

Mens Wool Pea Coat

Wool pea coat men comes with a shorter length that allows ease of movement, double-breasted closure to keep you toasty and lapels that add a pop of style. It's has all the functionality that you would need from a mens wool winter coat with the added touch of style. Generally it's considered as a casual coat but it does add some refinement to your outfit.

Winter Wool Coats for Men

When the weather is too cold for a suit jacket alone, you should consider wearing a wool top coat or over coat. Top coats are tailored light weight coats that complement your formal suit very well, while over coats are thicker, heavier and intended for colder weather. If you're going to dress it up, basic colors like navy and black wool dress coat mens is a safe bet.

Our jackets are made from premium quality fabric and are guaranteed to last long season after season. Some of our styles include zip throughs, hoodies, hooded wool coat mens and windproof options for whatever the weather may bring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How warm is a wool coat?

Wool coats vary in warmth depending on the percentage of wool and the thickness of the material. Men's wool coats that are meant for freezing temperatures also come with insulating membranes in the lining.

How to wash wool coat?

Make sure your coat is machine washable, you can find that out by checking the label. If yes then keep your machine on wool or gentle setting to wash, also make sure the water is not hot/warm as it can cause your coat to shrink.

Can I dry a wool coat in the dryer?

For wool coats, never dry them in the dryer. Instead, gently squeeze out any excess water without wringing the coat and let it hang to dry naturally.

Can you steam a wool coat?

Yes it's perfectly fine to steam your wool coat, if fact it's a better alternative to ironing it, as ironing can cause the natural pile of yarn to flaten.

How to spot clean a wool coat?

To remove stains from your men's wool car coat or trench, gently dap a cloth soaked with mild detergent on the stain, clean it with another cloth and wait for it to dry.

Are wool coats waterproof?

Wool coats are not water proof, however they can protect your clothes from light showers and drizzles.

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