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Tan Suits

Some colors just look perfect, no matter how you pair them. Whether you wear them with the same tone or different shades, they never compromise in making you look good. And one of the colors is tan.

It is a light tone from the brown family, which offers a sophisticated outlook, and when mixed with a darker tone, it adds an extra dose of classiness. It works more like khaki, with only a minor difference in the fabric and shade. Khaki is a bit yellowish while tan is directly from the brown, but some people call khaki and tan as the same color. Top celebrities like Ryan Reynolds or David Beckham prefers to incorporate tan suits with their luxury shirts, shoes, and expensive watches. Because when it comes to making a perfect entrance, nothing is better than wearing a light tan suit with your black shoes.

Surprisingly, tan suits are easy to dress up. You can wear it casually for your weekend outing by injecting a t-shirt underneath while wearing sunglasses. Other than casual, it also works very well in the corporate area where you need the right combination of dress code. If it's a corporate meeting, wear it with a light blue shirt inside. And if it's a business conference, adding a tie will put you in the best looking list.


What color shirt goes with tan suit?

A white, off white or light blue shirt goes very well.

Are tan suits in style?

Yes, they are among the stylish option for men. An appropriate dress code for interviews, wedding, business meetings and daily work.

Is it the most professional color?

Tan, blue, black and grey are among professional colors.

Can I wear a tan suit to a wedding?

Yes, it can be styled to a wedding. Both jacket and pant should match, try light blue or off white shirt.

What shoes go with a tan?

Black would probably the best option