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6 Ways to Style Wool Blazers


A blazer is something every guy must own in his wardrobe. One reason why it's essential is it can work as a solo outerwear in every business and casual gathering. The simplist way to define a blazer jacket is, it can be styled anytime, anywhere. 

For those who likes to wear blazers, we're going to give them more ideas to style this formal + casual outer in every day life. 

Here are 6 ways to wear Wool Blazers....



A day without jeans is like going without underwear. A jeans is a symbol of fashion that takes you anywhere you like and give you many fashion ideas too. Teaming it with a black or brown wool blazer is a perfect combination for your casual trips. It creates a killer go-to style and if you combine a brown loafers, you will definitely stand out. 



You can wear jeans casually but for work, you need to don a dress pant. If you further want to get creative, incorporate your formal dressing with a grey blazer which creates a winning combination. Whether it's your first day at work or an interview, you won't have to work hard to accomplish since your style will do the talking for you. 



The best part of a wool blazer is its not limited to formal or casual dressing. You can modify it the way you feel fit and even go semi-casual. The best idea is to combine darker blazer with light contrast clothes so your blazer will look seperate. You will look partially formal and partial casual in this. 



If meeting calls or training a team of professionals, a brown wool blazer jacket will not disappoint you. Surprisingly, these blazers jackets are classy and gives a better impression with darker contrast clothes. 



Want to acheive a better outlook that fits your weekends? Well, khaki chinos and blazer is a really interesting pair. You can match any color blazer but grey or blue can perfecly match with a camel color pant. 



Burgudy blazer is a choice of every vintage style lover. If you have a big meeting with someone special or going for a tea outing in the weekends, a burgundy or maroon suit jacket is your perfect companion.

If you're looking for a tailored fit, and lightweight in budget friendly pricing, then try out our wool blazers for men in high-quality finishing, outstanding features, and 80's vibe.


What do you wear with a wool blazer?

As shown above, you can style both formal and casual clothes. Just need to maintain the matching of color shades and you're good to go. 

What can I wear with a dark blue blazer?

Any light contrast shirt will look good with dark blue. You can also match jeans and chinos. 

What color blazer is most versatile?

Blue, Grey, Black and Brown are the most versatile and trending colors. 

What shoes do you wear with a blazer?

Both Black and Brown goes well with all types of blazer. 

Can I wear blazer with jeans?

Combining both creates a perfect combination regardless of color, style and occasion.

Are you supposed to button a blazer?

It will look good whether you button or not. In some occasions, if you're standing, you can close the top and while sitting, you can leave it open. Also, shown in the above picture (guy wearing burgundy blazer).